The radio program called “Beats International” started back in 1991 at a country community radio station. Beats International played the latest dance, hip hop, house and local music.

Beats International was on air between 6pm till 9pm on Saturday nights.


All playlists were set, usually spent the week before working out what was going to be put to air. Beats International also had their own “10 Ten Dance Chart”, which was the latest dance music selected by its hosts.

During the time on air, Beats International created a bit of a fan base, as the area where the radio station was located, did not really cater to the younger generation.

Beats International did have competitions and give-aways, getting listeners to call the station and hopefully win something!

Note, we have nothing to do with the pop group from the UK “Beats International”. We created the name “Beats International” when we started at the radio station back in 1991 and have always used this name.